Thursday, 13 September 2012

Europe: London


Very slowly getting around to editing my photos from my trip, it's a long process let me tell you. Not only did I take just under 2000 photos (excluding iPhone photos), but up until Greece I didn't realise my camera was set on the smallest image size possible, my Dad must have changed it when he was using the camera last. Makes the photographer in me cry big fat pixelated tears.

Anyway, this is London. Our first stop. We were here for 6 amazingly sunny days in what England calls a 'heat wave', at a balmy 26 degrees. Oh guys. Good for you. LOVED London, I could definitely go back here, if only to shop and eat your amazing Tesco/Sainsbury/M&S sandwiches.





The London Eye was amazing! Albeit, slightly smoggy and the reflections weren't doing anyone any favours.






We found a Where's Wally mask and pretty much up until Croatia, thought it was the funniest thing in the world to put him in EVERY PHOTO. It got old.



Thanks, Jubilee, for wrecking our view of Buckingham.


Regent's Park. Marking off our Monopoly board.





Yeaaah, there's not many places I didn't go...

Photobucket (I look like I'm 38 weeks pregnant HELLO BAD ANGLE)

Coming up next...Paris! Marie Antoinette's House, yeahhh.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Backpacking Adventures

Oh blog world, I've missed you! Apologies for the MEGA absence, I got distracted (read: lazy). And, I went backpacking for 3 months so I kind of have a somewhat legit excuse.

Did I mention I went backpacking? Three months? Yup! Bestie and I decided that instead of talking about it we'd actually do it, and January we booked our round the world flights and worked our asses off for 6 months to save up for the trip. It was the most exciting, educational, tiring and surprising thing I've done to date. It also cost me a bomb - hello debt!

I'm at my mums at the moment in Queensland, I decided in Chicago that I was incredibly homesick so I made my mum book me flights here for when I got back home, so I could be looked after ha ha! I'm 'back to normal' now and looking forward to returning to Sydney. Also explains the crap photo I used above - I don't have my photos or Photoshop so I just ripped one off Facebook and stuck it on here. Sorry!

I get back Tuesday night so hopefully I'll have a new post up sometime this week and I can show you a few highlights from my trip! So much to say and show, I don't even know where to start.

Anyway, off now to grab a beer with mumsie and forget about the fact no one seems to be hiring right now, sob.

(Good to be back, guys!)

Monday, 14 November 2011

30 day challenge!

I can't decide whether the above images are horribly wrong for this blog entry or horribly right. Or a test, or perhaps just a way to rope you into reading.

Basically, I've just come on here to tell you that I'm currently on day 24 of a 30 day no sugar challenge. I never thought I'd hear myself say that - partially because I never thought I'd see the day where I gave up sugar, or never thought I'd last 24 days of it. I am still shocked that I have walked into the shops several times and quite easily bypassed the confectionery isle.

See, I'm pretty awful at sticking to things. Like, really really terrible. I have tried so many diets, seriously. And at the end of the day, I've realised that dieting is not the solution for me. I LOVE FOOD. And I love eating. I just need to work on that exercise and moderation thing. And that chocolate binging thing.

I've been really interested in healthy eating the past year - not to say I ate unhealthily before, but just that I could work on improving elements of what and how I cook things. I have found this pretty easy and enjoyable, and I don't restrict myself too much etc etc.
One thing that I constantly found was just how much sugar I could EASILY consume in a day. This would have been ok if I exercised, but I hardly ever do (I'm working on that) so I decided that I was going to try and cut down the sugar intake.

I came across a website that was talking about the No Sugar No Flour diet, and I was really interested to see if it actually worked. I was a bit sceptical. I decided it couldn't hurt to try, except I was just cutting out sugar, not flour. And this is refined sugars by the way, not natural sugars.

It was hard the first week, I was getting sugar cravings every night after dinner. I'd allow myself a small amount of dried fruit, or a piece or two of sugar free dark chocolate (Stevia sweetened) but that was it. My coffees in the morning are sweetened with one Equal tablet (I tried Stevia and HATED it). I've limited alcohol intake (I'm normally a cider drinker so that's a big no no), sugary cereals (even sultana bran has sugar in it!) and watched out for condiments that contain high sugar levels. I've also taken up drinking mineral water and as a treat every so often, Coke Zero.

There's also LOADS of sugar free dessert recipes out there! Incredible. Most are sweetened by artificial sweetners, or dried fruits like dates. I actually made brownies (shock horror they tasted amazing!) and oatmeal cookies. I'm not a big fan of artificial sweetners, mostly because I don't like the taste but also because I'd prefer something natural, and I'm relieved that I didn't have to rely on them as an alternative in everything.

So, on day 16, I reflected on how the diet was going. I no longer crave sugar all the time, I'm easily satisfied with fruit, or some dark chocolate (no binging!) and the biggest shock...I'd lost 4kg. And I hadn't done ANY exercise all month. This was a huge motivational push, and exactly what I needed.

I'm nearly done, and I'm not going to lie - I can't wait to go get myself a big scoop of Ben and Jerry's. I know that kind of sounds like I'm just undoing all the hard work I've put in, but I deserve that damn ice-cream.

Once this 30 days is up, I've decided that I will allow refined sugars back into my diet, but I hope now that it's in moderation. I don't want to remain super picky, because it can be pretty hard (and a little expensive at times), and I think everyone deserves a treat every so often. I think the 30 days is long enough to get you into a good habit, and I know so many recipes now, it's no longer a challenge! Plus I've started walking/jogging again, so I can eat and not feel so guilty all the time.

I don't believe sugar is the devil, but I do believe it can get out of hand very easily. It's addictive, and you would be shocked to learn just how much stuff has sugar in it! I feel so much better managing it, and I've already gotten a few friends onto it as well. I would recommend ANYONE try this - it's not as hard as it sounds!

So I just wanted to share this with everyone, because to be honest, I'm pretty proud of myself. And I hope it might inspire someone else!
The photos at the start of the entry, for me, are really refreshing. I looked at them before and felt so sad because I knew I couldn't eat them. Damn you, Pinterest. But I looked at them today and thought, fuck it. One day I'm going to make these, and I'm going to enjoy it, and not feel guilty. Might have to maintain a bit of self control in not eating the ENTIRE batch but hey. Baby steps.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

sea, air & sun.

I'm in shorts and a singlet, and I already have a singlet tan - hello, summer! It's technically still Spring, but the past three days have been above 30 degrees and feels and smells like summer, so I'm just going to roll with that.

I have been OBSESSED with tumblr lately. Like, more than usual. So many amazing summery blogs, can't.look.away. Thought I'd share some of my favourites - essentially shorts and palm trees, it's the small things.

It's been an exciting (I use that term loosely) few weeks, guys. Firstly, I finished my degree! I am now a qualified...fine artist. Time to start thinking of a potential career path, Brodie!
Secondly, I started a new job at Kikki K, a Swedish stationary and gift store! A job where I get to sell amazing products, and a 40% staff discount? Unreal. It's exciting working in a new workplace, but I'm so much more excited about my pay's been 8 months since my last one, ugh.

My friend and I have also started getting our asses into gear and we're starting to organise our overseas trip next year! We're heading to Europe and then America, for as long as possible. We went to a travel expo on Sunday and lugged home about a thousand catalogues, and a mock up flight itinerary. It's actually happening, I keep getting so excited! As far as Contiki goes, so far all we know is we want to cruise the Greek Isles. Bring it, Europe!

So much more to share, will have to wait. Off to go gallery hopping, seeing Our Idiot Brother with a friend, and then another friend's design exhibition (free beer and pizza, yay)!

Monday, 24 October 2011


Neat packaging for a project called Eastfield Village; Love this bangle, origin unknown, sadface.

Obsessed with bright pops of colour right now! Via NYFW; Arm Party, yes please.

Best combo ever? I almost wish it was still winter; Another wintery look, so cosy!

Mini veggie pizzas, YUM; Creamy mushroom pasta - I made this the other night, IT IS SO GOOD. I used light cream though.

I devour any kind of antipasto/cheese plate in a room; My new favourite way to bake potatoes. I call them smashed potatoes (original).

Bit of a random mix for today's Sunday Service (actually Monday here, I am cheating). I spend too much time on pinterest.

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