Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I am actually not capable of maintaining anything. Particularly blogs. I don't know why, seriously. I have like a zillion free hours and no social life, what else is there to do? But oh no, my blog/s sit there, remain unupdated (new word).

I look to all you semi regular bloggers and I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT. My utmost respect, honestly. And this is inbetween real life jobs and actual lives. How. Do. You. Do. It.

I am nearly finished my university degree. And by nearly I mean, 4 months ish. But it feels practically around the corner, and that is one scary thought. I keep having little freak out moments like, 'Oh no, how will I find a job?' which leads to, generally, 'WHY DID I STUDY FINE ARTS'. Not going to lie, my degree has mostly taught me how to bullshit my way through life, and nothing else. It's kind of funny, and kind of depressing. Life skills are not looking to ever increase.

I should really be a good blogger and post interesting things but right now I just can't be bothered, and I have a new episode of Weeds to watch, and then maybe a hot chocolate somewhere in the near future and definitely, definitely no effort whatsoever towards anything remotely productive.

Not winning at life guys, but at least I started off with a pretty photo (which I shamelessly have direct linked from the internet). Speaking of, photo by this amazing dude.

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