Friday, 14 October 2011

lots of things.

A bunch of things I've been accumulating in my bookmarks - this does not even cover half of it, fml. I need to update more often.

Still don't have my bloggy shoes on, but I will get there. It's pure laziness, to be honest. Don't even go there.

So today instead of doing assignments, I went and bought fake nails and polish, inspired by llymlrs. I kind of did them like these but instead I used matte black, and on top of the silver lining I also did a strip of aqua. I'll probably upload a photo tomorrow, maybe...

Also guys, the new Weird Summer mixtape by MONDO BOYS is out, called Desert Island, and it is amazing, and now I crave summer like crazy! You can and will download it here.

Did anyone else download the iOS 5 upgrade for iPhone? I am a little bit excited by the new way messages come up on the screen. Small things, people. Small things.

From top to bottom:

1. This bedlinen from Castle is incredible. And well out of my budget!
2. Loving Lapis Lazuli jewelery right now, the blue is intense. (From Tomtom Jewelery).
3. An amazing tumblr I stumbled across full of trippy, hippy, beautiful images.
4. More bedlinen, yumm. (source)
5. Love the jacket! (source)
6. The colours of these dresses by Rachel Rose are amazing! (Via Unruly Things)
7. Rachel Comey. Need I say more.
8. Wicked in love with all the colours in this photo, even her orange hair! (source)
9. Love this bracelet! (source)
10. Watermelon lemonade slushy? Ok! (Recipe here).
11. I am obsesssed with gold right now, and sequins and big gold watches are at the top of my list of wants! (source)
12. These bracelets by Pour Porter are incredible. (Find them here)
13. Wish I could find where to buy this print! (source)

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