Sunday, 2 September 2012

Backpacking Adventures

Oh blog world, I've missed you! Apologies for the MEGA absence, I got distracted (read: lazy). And, I went backpacking for 3 months so I kind of have a somewhat legit excuse.

Did I mention I went backpacking? Three months? Yup! Bestie and I decided that instead of talking about it we'd actually do it, and January we booked our round the world flights and worked our asses off for 6 months to save up for the trip. It was the most exciting, educational, tiring and surprising thing I've done to date. It also cost me a bomb - hello debt!

I'm at my mums at the moment in Queensland, I decided in Chicago that I was incredibly homesick so I made my mum book me flights here for when I got back home, so I could be looked after ha ha! I'm 'back to normal' now and looking forward to returning to Sydney. Also explains the crap photo I used above - I don't have my photos or Photoshop so I just ripped one off Facebook and stuck it on here. Sorry!

I get back Tuesday night so hopefully I'll have a new post up sometime this week and I can show you a few highlights from my trip! So much to say and show, I don't even know where to start.

Anyway, off now to grab a beer with mumsie and forget about the fact no one seems to be hiring right now, sob.

(Good to be back, guys!)


alexabella said...

wow what an amazing thing to do! glad you had a good time:) x

Jenny said...

ohh this picture is cute!

Jenny /


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