Friday, 18 June 2010


I miss the beach.
The sand between my toes, the wind blowing my hair into my eyes.

I miss the horizon.
The stretch of ocean that goes forever, endless.

I miss company.
I miss friends, hugs, sillyness, adventuring.

I miss inspiration.
2am, hearts racing, ecstasy. Feeling wild, good, free.

I miss spontaneity.
Smiling, laughing, the sun, the warmth, the cold, the closeness.

I miss who I used to be, and I'm afraid of what I'm becoming.
I miss home.

A night train
Bags gathered round my feet
Some lessened
To carry with me
Heavy and
Like a gentle symphony

I rest my
Head right
Back upon my seat
It's hard
And cold tho'
The best thing for me
This train is
But my heart is stationery

Seasons change
... won't be same
I'm hopin'
I won't stay the same
Reasons strange
Why we always play these games

Bonobo - Stay The Same

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