Friday, 18 June 2010



I am obsessed with rings.

I love these styles of rings. Chunky, big, gold, silver, doesn't matter.
I never seem to see them around though!
Has anyone seen them available online? Preferably a bit cheaper than the site above (Fashionology. I think the prices are reasonable, but not in my student budget. Upsetting!
And more specifically, has anyone ever seen them available in Australia?

(photo credit)

There is this girl that occasionally catches my bus, and she's definitely fashion forward right. And she wears these AMAZING rings, every time. I'm so envious. Anyway, she has this ring that I love more than anything, and it's very similar to the one in the picture above, top right. Has anyone seen this one around? Or similar? I love it!

Also, I changed the width of the entries. Having that ridiculous skinny thing was cramping my style.

And yes, I am a child of the 90's.

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