Monday, 19 July 2010

it's been a while!

Sorry for the distance.
I'll be back soon :)

In the meantime...

I've decided that I'd really like to post little interviews every so often from some of my favourite bloggers. Nothing serious, just a few little facts and questions that give us a little insight. I think these kinds of things can be fun & interesting, I hope you enjoy them too!

The first one is from Nathan over at Hear Black. I couldn't think of a more perfect way to start the tradition, Hear Black is what inspired me to make this blog in the first place :) Enough schmoozing, on with the questions...

Where'd you grow up, Nathan?
The southern part of Alberta, Canada.
Close to the mountains, in the middle of the prairies.
Long winters, and a lot of wind

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
An architect. Then a doctor. Now a lawyer/businessman
Original, right?

What camera do you shoot on?
I use a Cannon 20D. It's an older model, but it's exactly what I like.

Are you a film or digital kinda guy?
Digital, but I have the most fun playing around with those cheap disposable film cameras you can find at a gas station or drug store. I can't get enough of them. Honestly, there is something to be said for the anticipation and suspense that comes with disposables - any film cameras, really. It's different than when I shoot digital. There's no instant gratification. It's risky, exciting, unknown, and each shot has more value. Drop the roll of film off to be developed and a few days later it's like Christmas flipping through the prints.

Favourite time waster?
I guess time "waster" implies it can't be anything productive or useful.. so I'd say my google reader feed.
Even this, however, is productive. It's where I'm usually most inspired!

Are you craving anything right now?
Yes. A sandwich I made earlier this morning. Lame? maybe, but that's what I'm craving.
It's actually a gross sandwich, too. Nothing special at all. Sourdough bread, butter, swiss cheese, and lettuce.

Recommend an album or song?
Midlake - "Bandits"
Laura Veirs - "July Flame"
James Taylor - "September Grass"
Those a few favorites right now.

Something you're really good at.
Beach combing

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Ida Nielsen said...

Excellent- I love Nathan's blog!
And I couldn't agree more about the Christmas feeling when you flip through a newly developed roll of film/prints! It's awesome :-)


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