Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hello blog land! I didn't mean to neglect you for so long. Things happen, life goes by (not mine, but you get my drift). It's more like 'I got lazy' but let's not go there.

I actually just tried to customise the blog a bit, which clearly, did not work. Either the customise component of blogspot changed or I am suddenly really clueless? Oh well, I don't hate it, I just felt like change. Not in the cards, I guess.

So, I finally got my website up and running! It's my web based portfolio I guess you could say, a domain of my own. Check it out here Indexhibit is great, but boy was that an experience. One which I do not ever wish to relive. I have a new found respect for web designers, I really do.

So, I really do hope to get this blog up and running. Perhaps I can try and move it onto my new server? Sounds difficult. We'll see.

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