Sunday, 10 April 2011

1. All Saints, 2. Monserat De Lucca, 3. Hetterson, 4. Zara, 5. Zara

Bit of an odd mix today! Of course I had to throw in the Hetterson elbow patch sweater that blog land is currently obsessing over. What I'd do to get my hands on that jumper! I'm so obsessed with jumpers right now...
Also, really dying to get a pair of chinos but I'm having the hardest time deciding which ones! So many different styles/brands/colours. I really love the blue of this pair but I'm thinking to play it safe, I might stick to a khaki colour, yes?

A few Zara mentions too, because I am getting REALLY exited about the first ever Australian Zara opening on April 20th! It has been a long time coming, first the rumours, and then the boarded up construction site in the city for what feels like FOREVER. It's great to finally have a date to look forward to. I've been saving my shopping urges, hanging out for a Zara spree. It's going to be crazy on opening day!

Been a while since I blogged, I've been in a funk. A two week long funk...

Oh, Ryan Gosling, you kill me.

Love this hair style but can't for the life of me figure out how to do it. Anyone?

Being able to design my own kitchen is a far far away dream, but I'm allowed to look...on that note, also check out the I gigi General Store portfolio...amazing!

Um, the most perfect location for movie night ever?

I could seriously go for a decent Thai coconut seafood laksa right now.

In LOVE with this look right now. Shirt under cute jumper with Raybans...complete with perfect hair.

Men get the coolest clothing.

In need of a new scarf, maybe this one from Zara...?

On a keen lookout for tops/sweaters like this. Anything with a high neck and nice cut. Anyone got any recommendations?

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, I'm off to get me some Ben and Jerry's in Manly while the sun's out!


Amira said...

Nice items! Love them all! Follow you) follow me?

Sabrina T. said...

i like so much your blog lady..i love the background:)
this post is very interesting and i like so much these pics and look!!
Follow me dear??i'd be very happy if you do so.. i wait u on mine..kiss

Sara Louise said...

some amazing pics here - esp number 1 ! im going to check them all out !

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so pretty. x hivenn

Anonymous said...

So much pretty stuff! I've heard a lot of things about Zara. It's a UK shop, right? So jealous Sydney's getting one and not Perth. :( We always miss out. No Crispy Creme, Starbucks or Ben & Jerry's either. My dream is for H&M to open up a store in Australia! And if not in Perth, at least an online one!

Mmm, laksa is so good! My mum makes a pretty awesome one with chicken, prawns and fish balls! Yum.

Omg, that outfit is so qt. And I just love her perfect ombre hair too. Jealous.

E R I N said...



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