Friday, 26 August 2011


Have been making an effort to go 'jogging' these past couple of weeks. And by 'jogging' I actually mean I jog for about 30 seconds and then walk the remaining distance. But hey, it's an effort.

I have learnt that you have to go at certain times of the day, and the iPod is essential. Late afternoon is the best, you get minimal blasting sun, and more hazy, setting sun which kind of feels weirdly romantic (on my own, I know). And everyone else is out and about and it's kind of fascinating to see what everyone else gets up to (living in suburbia makes you bizarrely fascinated in other peoples lives).

I've also ordered an iPhone armband because holding onto my iPhone while listening to music I have very quickly learnt is NOT a good idea. Several times I have very nearly let my phone go hurtling down to the unforgiving concrete below. Oh, my heart! I nearly died.

I have my very first driving lesson with a driving school tomorrow, wish me luck. Yes, it has taken me 5 years of driving to finally get to this point. License, you cannot escape me for much longer! (I drive a manual now, so perhaps this might be a bit of a jinx...)


Anonymous said...

Brodie! I had no idea you had been regularly updating your blog until you commented on one of my posts! Stupid Blogger doesn't update me on your new posts. I'll try refollowing your blog and see if that works.

Running for a bit and then walking is definitely better than nothing at all. At least you're doing something, unlike me who sits on their ass all day, lol. I'm going to make a fitness playlist and hopefully that'll motivate me into using the exercise bike.

Good luck with your driving lessons! I drive auto, but I'm sure you'll get your licence before me. Everyone does. :(

Paulina said...

haha. I run just like you. I just can't make myseld run when I could also just walk :D
I really like your pictures, thes have a great atmosphere!



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