Thursday, 1 September 2011


Another sunset walk today, go me! Probably did more photo taking than actual exercise but hey, I am paying out of my ass for this iPhone, I'm going to use the shit out of it.

My area isn't exactly a glorious walking destination, unless you like rows and rows of houses, but I have my set route now, and it involves 2-3 parks which are nice for the whole minute I spend in them. Not sure why there are so many palm trees around here, we're miles from any beach, but I appreciate it anyway. I'm looking forward to summer picnics, cute!

I also forgot to mention I dyed my hair the other night. A while I ago, I was pretty much blonde, and when I decided I was sick of the terrible brassy tones continuing to appear no matter how many times I toned it (I am naturally dark brunette, oh the currseee). So one day, I decided to go back to brown, but wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to ombre yet. I loved it, it was a perfect ashy brown. And it last a whole 2 weeks before BRASS reappeared.

To cut a long story short, I have not been able to dye it the same since, and finally had my last attempt the other day and now my hair is BLACK. Ok not exactly black, but pretty close. The colour I bought was almost identical to the first dye I used, but I must have left it on faaar too long. UGH. I don't suit really dark hair. I hope it washes out just as quickly as all the other dyes have...

Have you ever had any bad dye experiences? I've had some shockers.

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