Tuesday, 8 November 2011

sea, air & sun.

I'm in shorts and a singlet, and I already have a singlet tan - hello, summer! It's technically still Spring, but the past three days have been above 30 degrees and feels and smells like summer, so I'm just going to roll with that.

I have been OBSESSED with tumblr lately. Like, more than usual. So many amazing summery blogs, can't.look.away. Thought I'd share some of my favourites - essentially shorts and palm trees, it's the small things.

It's been an exciting (I use that term loosely) few weeks, guys. Firstly, I finished my degree! I am now a qualified...fine artist. Time to start thinking of a potential career path, Brodie!
Secondly, I started a new job at Kikki K, a Swedish stationary and gift store! A job where I get to sell amazing products, and a 40% staff discount? Unreal. It's exciting working in a new workplace, but I'm so much more excited about my pay check...it's been 8 months since my last one, ugh.

My friend and I have also started getting our asses into gear and we're starting to organise our overseas trip next year! We're heading to Europe and then America, for as long as possible. We went to a travel expo on Sunday and lugged home about a thousand catalogues, and a mock up flight itinerary. It's actually happening, I keep getting so excited! As far as Contiki goes, so far all we know is we want to cruise the Greek Isles. Bring it, Europe!

So much more to share, will have to wait. Off to go gallery hopping, seeing Our Idiot Brother with a friend, and then another friend's design exhibition (free beer and pizza, yay)!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous summer photos !

size too small said...

makes me excited for summer- but this time of year i always love the chilly, grey days. once dec. 26 hits though, i'll be ready for some sun!

Celia said...

SO jealous, wish we had some sun!x

amanda jane said...

I want to see My idiot brother so bad...hope you like it!


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